There are many things to do at the hatchery… Its up to you to make them happen! Here are a couple of ideas for you...

Relax on the lagoon beaches or chill out in the Gin Tank overlooking the reserve.

Canoes/kayaks are available to paddle on the lagoon.

Kids love our trails and get up to all kinds of fun in the forests under the watchful eye of our butlers.

For the slightly active try a walk along the lagoons beaches or wade across the lagoon to casuarina island or…

Take a distillery tour at Tapanga – tours during the week and by appointment only @ R100 per person (current price).

Zulu Blonde beer is brewed less than a half an hours’ drive away at the George Hotel in Eshowe.

The Amatikulu Nature reserve is not far away – suitable for 4x4 vehicles.

You could buzz across the river and back on your kiteboard or windsurfer.

There are a number of mountain biking trails from the Mtunzini Country Club or go the other way and get down to the swimming beach at Zinkwazi complete with beach bar.

If you’re getting cabin fever Princes Grant or Eshowe Hills golf courses are a stones throw away – if its just all too much.

The butlers are available to do anything you don’t want to (even taking the little monsters – oops we mean darlings – off your hands).

Enjoy a long leisurely lunch at the shack.

If you just get too chilled out to do anything at all it doesn’t matter – enjoy!!

Safety and Security

Unfortunately crime has become a part of our daily lives in our beautiful country.


We are located in a tribal area which for most people means moving out of their comfort zone – the experience is what makes these memories special but it is necessary to use a little common sense.

That way the hatchery becomes a far less hazardous affair than a day in the concrete jungle (or anywhere else you visit when away from home).

So…. most crime is opportunistic and we suggest you do the same by not flashing family heirlooms, great flipping wads of cash, or other priceless objects around and rather leaving them at home so you can eliminate worry and enjoy your experience. If you have a stuff phobia or your home is likely to be burgled while you are away (a perhaps not unlikely prospect) then there is a small communal safe in the kitchen pantry or, if you absolutely have to have all your worldly goods really close to you, bring a lock to secure them under your bed.

We have done our bit by being in the area for donkeys years, placing a security guard on duty, keeping the hatch nice and compact (geographically speaking), and asking the butlers nicely to stick around until you close those little peepers, so relax and enjoy.