Comfortable rustic accommodation in an idyllic getaway setting.

The Hatchery is a unique accommodation and wedding venue in a deserted prawn farm on a river mouth and coastal reserve on the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast.


History Lesson

Way back when a civil engineer called Faan Myburgh got tired of city living and thought to balance his karma it would be better to become a prawn farmer.

To farm prawns you have to live along the coast and so he thought that taking into account salinity and water quality (we think it had more to do with the chilled out feeling he had whenever he visited the place) he decided that the amatikulu beach and lagoon would be best suited. The elements are apparently in balance at amatikulu and definitely conducive to reproduction because the broodstock set about their task of spawning with gusto (we’ll spare you the details). In no time the critters were flourishing and ready to be stocked into their larval rearing tanks(don’t ask us) where they were nourished daily with fresh algae cultured in UV treated water columns. While not our personal choice the artemia (little furry creatures apparently) fed to them in the nursery seemed to do the trick and so well fed post-larvae were soon ready to be stocked into the prawn dams.

And so the prawn farm started and many lucky and relaxed prawns got to experience their own personal journey of discovery before being shipped off to end on a restaurant plate. This carried on for a while until we decided the prawns shouldn’t be the ones having all the fun and the hatchery was born. Experience and enjoy!