Summer Time Chill Time

You made it through JanuWORRY, with back to school, back to graft and December family gatherings (and cleaning up after) and the Christmas expenses all behind you. You don’t want to say it out loud but… you’re really feeling like you need a…(shhhh) ‘getaway?’ Yes it is ok to say that out loud so early in the year. We’re all feeling it.

Good news is you CAN get away to chilled and secluded beach accommodation without going too far and having to pay the travel expenses of petrol and border crossing (and getting covid tests) for the R&R you’re so desperately needing. You can get away without extensive planning and camping prep packing. The Hatchery is a stones throw away for KZN folk and you can turn a blind eye to all camp gear and simply rent a room for the weekend or even a midweek break. Speaking of throwing stones, when last did you skip stones with the kids? We’ve got the perfect training ground of the beautiful Amatikulu lagoon.

Whether you’re needing to burn of some steam with awesome bush and beach bike ride or a canoe adventure, or to simply chill in one of our many pools with a cocktail, The Hatchery is an easy and affordable quick break from the hustle and bustle of the new year.

Nothing better than hiding out in the bush by the beach for some early year me-time, family-us-time, ‘forget the rush time’. Summer vibes, braai on, cool off and chill out.

We get it, we really do! What you need is a mini vacay without all the planning, packing, travelling and mission. We’ve provided a simple to do list:

  • Book a room (or two) - you can sommer whatsAPP us on 082 337 4572
  • Pack the food (don’t mission too much, grab what is in the pantry)
  • Gooi in some charcoal and firelighters
  • Clothing and toiletries - board shorts, towel, soap, toothbrush & paste - done!
  • Nice to haves - fishing rod, bike or canoe
  • Drinkypoohs - Six pack (or two, or six), G&T's for the vrou and something for the kids

Check you soon!