So are you ready to tie the knot and live in wedded bliss happily ever after?

The hatchery offers a unique wedding destination close enough to the major centres yet different enough to place guests in the moment. The surrounding villages of Mtunzini and Zinkwazi offer ample accommodation for those guests not staying at the venue. The Hatchery is set on a deserted old prawn farm on a river mouth and coastal reserve on the KZN North Coast. The history of the facility was kept in mind when converting the facility and the buildings look much like they did when prawns were spawned here. The result is a venue that offers a unique blend of comfort and rustic old cool in an idyllic setting. Our venue can accommodate a total of 150 guests.  Note that this is for the reception and not for the accommodation itself.

We look forward to having you view the venue and discussing your ideas on how to make your special wedding holiday unique.


We will be publishing all galleries of weddings at the Hatchery so send your friends here to download or view your memories.


Apart from being an awesome place to have a wedding, the combination of timeworn old buildings, dunes with long grasses, and the stunning Amatikulu lagoon and beach just down a winding sandy path, offer a range of beautiful backdrops for your wedding photos. Find out more about our unique venue and how we can make your wedding day truly unforgettable.