The hatchery is an ex- prawn hatchery (strange but true) – right on the lagoon overlooking a deserted beach and game reserve

be warned - it is a different kind of place…… and comes with a twist – if you really want us to bore you with the details the pump house, artemia and maturation rooms have been changed into 8 rooms – each one can be experienced and enjoyed because they’re individual and different …
check out the room layouts and rates… if cash is tight save a few bucks and squeeze in with some buddies or if you’re feeling flush or grumpy chill out on your own.

The hatchery is less than an hour from durban – that means no one needs to know where you’ve been - sneak up anytime and leave feeling chilled out and balanced officially we’re averse to palm-greasing to secure your spot.

if you’re nice we’ll let you do team building/functions/or take a whole bunch of you at a time. no service as standard – you pick and choose how to upgrade your experience by putting your butler to good use.

some things you gotta know - we stepped out and put in linen, bedding, and towels and you don’t have to share your public with undesireables (if your mates are considered undesireable tell them to get a room of their own). no baths – only double showers which are good for washing kids and um – other things.

aircons are standard if things get a little hot, if you weren't quick enough to get a spot you can ask nicely for the make a room option (pitch your tent) but you'll have to rely on the ocean breezes to cool you down or if that doesn't work the try the gin tank.

the communal kitchen(diy) is pretty well kitted and quite a cool place to hang out or if you’re feeling wistful try the chill out spot or one of the lagoons beaches for solace.

that’s it - the rest is up to you –
do we have to spell it out for you – have fun

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